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For Healthy Nutrition, Reduction of Food Waste, and Sustainable Income from agriculture

We are KDF

Created in 1992 in Kindia, The Kanya Donsé Fanyi Centre is an NGO that works to promote local products rich in micronutrients to combat malnutrition and poverty in rural areas through the development of income-generating activities.
Our Goal: To promote women’s empowerment, combat child and maternal malnutrition in rural areas, generate wealth, and improve the living conditions of the rural population through nutrition and processing of agricultural products.

Areas of Intervention

We offer a safe space as


Based in Kindia, Guinea, our office boasts a 3000 m2, of which 2000 m2 is dedicated to drying areas, production and packaging, and facilities for training and housing. The space is also equipped with tunnels, artisanal equipment, and teaching materials. Our work, collaborations and trainings occur across all regions of Guinea as well as in select communities in Ghana and Kenya.