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KDF, pioneer in the production, marketing and popularization of Moringa in Guinea

KDF is the first unit of production, marketing and popularization of moringa in Guinea (Kindia, Mamou and Boké).

– We trained Peace Corps volunteers on the benefits of consuming moringa and promoting its production in villages.
– We have contributed to Armelle de Saint Saverne’s book on moringa, following a big international conference in Accra, Ghana;
– We have trained women from the Los Islands (Boké) in the production and consumption of moringa with funding from UN Women.
– We have popularized moringa for use as household food and to improve food security in Kindia, Mamou and Boké.

Today, KDF is the leader in the production of the Moringa plant.

– We grow the moringa, dry the leaves and turn them into powder. Our moringa is then placed on the local and international market (respectively, KDF stores and Mes ingrédients d’Afrique à Nantes in France).
– We train, encourage, and educate young students and university interns to grow moringa, a tree that saves lives, ensures nutritional and food security and generates income for poor people from all walks of life.

The leaves, seeds, and roots of the moringa are all beneficial for general well-being.